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The Reformation Project Conference 2019

My notes from the conference.

Action Items

A summary of the 3-day conference and my key take-aways.

Evening with Dr. David

Kathy Baldock interview Dr. David on his interactions with the translation committee of the Revised Standard Version during the late 1950s and the 1960s.

Born This Way

Ceri Anne Lewis discusses her experience and journey as a transgender woman as well as some of the science behind gender and sex.


Reverend Candace Hardnett gives her remarks to those attending the conference.

Towards Full Affirmation - Jim Brownson

Ten key questions to help guide a church through the politics of moving toward full affirmation.

LGBTQ and #MeToo

Dr. Cheryl Anderson explains why the #MeToo movement matters for LGBTQ.

James Brownson on Romans 1

Romans 1:24-27 and ways to interpret and apply Paul’s words.

Justin Lee Keynote Address

On being the founder of the Gay Christian movement and what each of us can do.

Kathy Baldock - How Scripture Became a Sacred Weapon

Kathy Baldock on the roles of gender over the history of biblical times and the ways in which passages have been interpreted.

Transgender and a pastor walked in

Laura Beth Buchleiter and Mark Wingfield share their journey of helping a congregation to become fully affirming.

The Reformation Project - Matthew Vines and Nicole Garcia

The opening address with Vines discussing exegesis and hermeneutics and Garcia encouraging attendees to share their stories.

My Reflections

My blog post on the impact of the conference.

Arsenokoitai Translations

A discussion of the various translations of the word arsenokoitai.

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