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Searching through YouTube and googling "gay and Christian" can generate lists of videos, but where do you begin?  Which will be worth your time and which will enlighten?  The ones listed here are intended to open your eyes to thoughtful consideration of a side you may not have considered previously.  

None of the videos claim to draw conclusions that each of us must agree with. Every speaker presents the paths they have traveled, the turmoil they have endured and describes where they stand today.  All of the videos share an approach that is full of Jesus' love, leaving you to determine for yourself.  None are the type that demand you choose one side or another; each recognizes that understanding is a journey.

1946 Movie 2.png
1946 - The Movie, The mistranslation that shifted culture 

A movie to be released in 2023 documents the 1946 translation team for the Revised Standard Version of the Bible and the mis-steps and the errant translation of malakoi and arsenokoitai as "homosexual"

Acceptance is the first step to love.PNG
Acceptance is the First Step to Love

Jim Anderson tells the moving story of his relationship with his daughter and how her honesty and courage about who she really was turned his life upside down and helped him discover what it really means to love someone. 

Trey Pearson.png
Trey Pearson - Hey Jesus

Trey Pearson (his website), the lead singer and found of Everyday Sunday, came out as gay after being married to his wife for seven-and-a-half years. In order to live authentically as a follower of Christ, Trey found that he had to live the truth of his sexuality.  The angst of his journey is captured in the lyrics of his song, "Hey Jesus". "Hey Jesus can you hear me now? It's been a while since I came out, I was wonderin' do you love me the same?" A 2022 song is Broken Heart.

couple next door.jpg
How Would Jesus Treat the Gay Couple Next Door?

Sometimes a short video that portrays possible real-life interactions speaks to us louder than a paragraph.

Queerology Podcast

How might we live better as queer people of faith? Matthias Roberts brings together theologians, psychologists, poets, thinkers, and change makers for conversations around belief and being.

Welcome Sheep Cropped.jpg
To Welcome Every Lost Sheep Home

Recorded at The Reformation Project's national conference in Los Angeles in October 2016, the Rev. Ken Fong, one of the highest-profile Asian American pastors and leaders, navigates the path to inclusion for LGBTQ Christians within the church.

YouTube_Title_Danny Cropped.jpg
Why I Changed My Mind on Homosexuality

Pastor Danny Cortez's message at New Heart Community Church explaining the change of his view on homosexuality to one of acceptance.

vicky beeching.jpg
Vicky Beeching at the Reformation Project

Vicky Beeching presented the Keynote Speach at the 2015 Reformation Project conference.

Justin Lee, Side A; Preston Sprinkle, Side B - Sexuality and the Soul of Christianity

A balanced approach to this divisive issue in today's church. ​March 10, 2019, at Foothill College in California.

Bishop Richard Wilke, Homosexuality and Scripture

Bishop Richard Wilke, United Methodist Church, went to the scriptures to understand better what was said about homosexuality.  He outlines it all very carefully and clearly.

BIOLA How Do We Love.jpg
How Do We Love? A Thoughtful Dialogue on Sexual Differences

When Biola University released a paper reflecting their stance on sexuality, they hosted a dialogue between Justin Lee, Wesley Hill and their administration.  Although the video is quite long, it highlights many of the challenges that young people face amidst the wide range of heartfelt beliefs on the topic.

Geeky Justin.png
Justin Lee's Short Videos on YouTube

Include topics such as "Please stop comparing homosexuality to addiction" and "Gay vs. Same-Sex-Attracted. His videos are short and easy to digest with helpful suggestions of how to confront conflicting views

Colby Martin Unclobber.jpg

The courses address many of the topics covered in his two books: Unclobber and The Shift

Kathy Baldock.png
How the Bible has Become a Sacred Weapon

Kathy Baldock's new book will be released in late 2022 and covers her research and parallels the film, 1946

Justin Lee.png
Justin Lee at Baylor

Justin Lee visits Baylor and speaks on LGBTQ and the church

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