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Other Journeys

Understanding peoples journeys, their stories, is essential to understanding any deeply personal issue, particularly the challenges faced by LGBTQ individuals and those who love and support them. Many people have strong feelings on this topic, but to leave out the stories and struggles of real people is to miss a key point of the whole discussion.


An update on my journey seems prudent as the initial post was in 2016 after my son came out in 2015. From 2015 through 2017 I had casual conversations and provided periodic updates to pastoral staff until the meetings began in earnest. Then, over 15 months time, we met six times with pastors, elders, and leaders on the value of our Moms of LGBTQ Support Group and my goal of inclusion in the church for all LGBTQ. Three months of discussions within the Elder Board followed with the final outcome being an Official Position Paper on Marriage and Sexuality, which states that marriage is only heterosexual. It is the only additional position that leaders/teachers must affirm other than the doctrinal statement.


As you might imagine, this is a position that I cannot agree to.  After 32 years as a church member, 22 years teaching elementary Sunday school every single Sunday, I am not allowed to serve, although I am “welcome to attend.”  I am not unique.  Frank Bruni from The New York Times posted this on February 19, 2019, The Catholic Church is Breaking Peoples’ Hearts.  This leadership decision/discipline occurs across doctrinal lines when families support their LGBTQ loved ones in conservative church settings.


Journeys of LGBTQ Christians and Family Members





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