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We are a group of Moms who love our LGBTQ children.  We pray for them and for the response of the church to our children.  We are working toward Inclusion of All in the Church: for those who already identify as sexual minorities, for those who are processing their understanding of their sexual identity, and for those who are confused about their sexuality.  We pray that they feel accepted and know that God loves them completely even as they travel this road of self-awareness and acceptance.

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As the main author and manager of the website, I am a Mom of a gay son, living in the area near San Jose, CA. I am an educator by trade and have taught children's Sunday school for 20 years. Maintaining relationships with these children as they grow into adulthood as well as other children in my neighborhood has been an important part of my life. My foray into LGBTQ awareness and advocacy began before my son came out in 2015, but has become a greater part of my life as I have seen and experienced the void in support and resources for gay Christians. This critical support from the faith community for LGBTQ youth and young adults as well as for their family members is imperative and continues to be noticeably absent in the conservative faith community. In that void I am working one person at a time, to walk alongside my fellow parents while I mentor the young people in the community.

You can contact me via the Questions page with questions and your stories. I'd love to hear from you.


Patti Schmidt


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